A major issue arising in planning a person’s estate is the potential impact of federal estate and gift taxes.  Some people approach us not with the intent of discussing in detail the distribution of their property to their loved family members, but instead to keep as much of their estate as possible out of the hands of Uncle Sam.  With a tax rate of up to 45% on the value of property included in a person’s “taxable estate,” we can certainly understand their motives.

In keeping with the general purpose of this website, we would very much enjoy discussing the plain and simple aspects of the estate, gift, and generation-skipping transfer tax laws.  Unfortunately, this is not possible.  Frankly, there is nothing plain and simple about them.  Even to skilled tax and estate planning attorneys, these laws are complex and ambiguous.  Therefore, because of the possibility of confusing the reader, and the adverse tax consequences which may result therefrom, we feel that any attempted discussion of these matters on this website is inappropriate.  Accordingly, we reserve any discussion of these topics, and their application to a person’s estate planning, for the client interview and thereafter.